Michelin stars are a rating framework to review restaurants on their overall quality. According to this framework, one star means “an awfully great eatery”, two stars mean “fabulous cooking that’s worth a detour”, and three stars mean “uncommon food that’s worth an uncommon travel”. World restaurants can get one to three Michelin stars, and it’s critical to keep in mind that even one Michelin star is considered an honor. A one-star audit isn’t implied to criticize a world restaurant’s dishes, but on the contrary to distinguish it.

  • One star: The restaurant is considered exceptionally great in its category but is limited in a few ways. This world restaurant includes a quality menu and plans cooking to a reliably good standard, but it may need a unique component that would bring individuals back over and over once more.
  • Two starsThe world restaurant has amazing cooking which can be regarded as having a original style. This restaurant has something remarkable to offer and is worth a detour to visit during your travels.
  • Three stars: The restaurant has uncommon cooking and is worth an extraordinary trip. Instead of being a halt on the way to a goal, this world restaurant is the goal. This restaurant serves unmistakable dishes that are executed to near perfection.

Holding three Michelin stars may be uncommon but a few restaurants have accomplished it. These Michelin-starred restaurants rank among the world’s finest culinary goals due to their development, inventiveness and a few of the finest dishes you’ll ever taste. Below are 10 of the michelin starred restaurants;

  1. Alinea: Chicago, Illinois,
  2. Azurmendi: Larrabetzu, Spain,
  3. Eleven Madison Park: New York City,
  4. Per Se: New York City,
  5. Osteria Francescana: Modena, Italy,
  6. Robuchon au Dôme: Macau,
  7. The Restaurant at Meadowood: Napa Valley, California,
  8. Le Bernardin: New York City,
  9. Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville: Crissier, Switzerland,
  10. The Fat Duck: Berkshire, United Kingdom.

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