The waiters and assisting staff of the world restaurant you choose are very important. No matter how good the food of the world restaurant is, it means nothing if they don’t have good a team. The waiters or service staff in the world restaurant you go to should pay attention to their clothes, cleanliness, hands and face. The waiter is the person who is in direct contact with you; therefore he should at all times look and be tidy and clean. The neglect of the waiter causes you to think badly about the place and you might even form the opinion that the whole place is unhygienic. When you go to the world restaurant, the table must be checked, cleaned and arranged before you sit down. From the moment you enter through the door up and until until you leave the world restaurant, he should take care of you and have an inviting attitude towards you. When choosing a good world restaurant, you should pay attention to these qualities in relation to the waiters.

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