World food

Food culture is not only defined by the quality of the things that are eaten and drunk. A city’s approach to food, the status of its restaurants, and the diversity determine the definition of this culture. World cuisines are endless. It is possible to find different tastes as well as similar tastes in each one. The upcoming fusion restaurants concentrate on finding similar dishes in different cultures and on combining tastes, which may be clashing at first. When you go to a world restaurant together, you can expect to see the following regions represented with their staple dishes or signature foods:

 Greece: Sauvlaki is a very famous dish in Greece. The Greek and Turkish cuisines have much in common. In this regard it is said that the best homemade food is moussaka.

  • Italy: The traditional colors of Italian cuisine, red, green and white are generally represented in their dishes. Many meals are based on tomato, bread and olive oil. One of the most important secrets of Italian cuisine is to pay attention to the freshness of the ingredients used. The Italian cuisine is represented in nearly all world restaurants.
  • Pakistan: Pakistani food focuses more on beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. We can also say that they use a wide variety of spices in their meals. Pepper powder, ginger, curry, coriander, red pepper, cinnamon and garlic are some of the most used ingredients.
  • Philippines: Philippine cuisine is based on a mix of different traditional foods from India, Spain, China and America. Adobo, Lechon and Pancit come from different cultures and showcase the diversity in the Philippines. Especially when you go to a world restaurant together you can try these big family dishes.
  • Thailand: As in most Asian cuisines, most dishes contain rice. The word “food” in Thai language literally means “eating rice”. In addition, there are 4 main flavors you can encounter in almost every dish, namely sweet, sour, bitter and salty.
  • Japan: We can say that Japanese food is a genre in itself. Teppanyaki and sushi are probably the most famous dishes represented at nearly all world restaurants.
  • Ukraine: It’s all about food that is extremely tasty with mixtures of various pastries, soups, meat dishes and unexpected flavors. You can find them in the Ukrainian cuisine. Borsch, the famous Russian beet soup, actually forms part of the Ukrainian cuisine. Although hard to spot, the Ukrainian borsch is slightly different from that of the Russians.
  • China: We can find Chinese food almost everywhere. Whereas the Chinese dishes in world restaurants in other countries are generally adapted to the taste of locals, authentic Chinese dishes may be found in specialized restaurants as well.
  • Vietnam: The main ingredients of Vietnamese dishes are shrimp paste, fish sauce, rice, herbs, basil, fruits and vegetables. But at the same time, unlike other Asian countries, Vietnamese delicacies include insects as well.
  • India: As everyone knows, the cow is considered a sacred animal here and the majority of Indians are vegetarians. The country’s cuisine uses many different spices in traditional Indian food which is covered with delicious sauces. Also, Indians are big fans of homemade feta cheeses called Panir. Traditionally, “Naan bread” accompanies every meal. Of course, rice is one of the main products of Indian cuisine. Although every region has its own variety of dishes, there are certain general flavors which can be found throughout the country. Indian food is a good option when visiting a world restaurant together.
  • France: We all know France as a gourmet country. It seems like it deserves this title. We can say that a croissant with a cup of coffee in the morning is a must in France. French bread (baguette), pasta, walnut confectionery (praline), sugar muffins (Madeleines) and raisin bread are only some examples of French dishes. This list is truly enormous. Onion cake and fish soup may sound weird at first but the French make these dishes really delicious. The French cuisine is generally represented in world restaurants as well.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland is a country where three different cultures intersect: Italian, French and German. For this reason, sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish the characteristics of Swiss food from others. The Swiss are most famous for their chocolate and cheese.
  • Australia: Although Australians do not have a strong history of food traditions, they do have some unexpected features in their food habits. In addition to multicultural food from all over the world, you can also find some local dishes here, such as kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile meat. If you are looking to try Australian food at Beverhof world restaurant call them in advance to see if they have this option available.
  • Portugal: Usually based on fish, eggs and meat, the kitchen is surprising but tasty. If you want to taste the Portuguese kitchen and their delicious meals, you have a variety of options. From main dishes to sweets, the Portuguese have a rich cuisine.
  • Sweden: We all know that Sweden is famous for its furniture but the Swedish cuisine is very rich and traditional as well. Meatballs served with creamy sauce, mashed potatoes and jam are perhaps their most famous dish. Reindeer meat is also a delicacy there. The simplest formula of Swedish food is to combine different and sometimes even clashing flavors.
  • Montenegro: It has similar characteristics with French and Russian cuisine. Montenegro is famous for cheese making, wine and spirits, different soups and meat dishes. This kitchen is generally made up of warm meals made to keep you warm during the cold winter months. A world restaurant might not have this cuisine available, since it is very specific.

Depending on whether you go alone or with a group of people to a world restaurant, there is probably something for everyone available.


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